Salliemae Smart Option Loan

SallieMae is a loan provider in the US, who offers private loans to US students to cover their costs for their study period abroad.

Which programmes?

All degree programmes offered at Leiden University (Bachelor, Master, LL.M., Adv. LL.M., Research Master).

Application procedure at Leiden University





Fill in your online applicationfor admission to Leiden  University

1 April (Autumn intake)


1 February (Spring intake)


Upload all necessary documents


Indicate clearly that you would like to apply for the SallieMae Smart Option Loan on the scholarship page


Submit your online application, including a copy of your valid passport and pay the application fee


Only after you have been admitted and have paid the necessary deposits, your loan application will be processed

Application procedure at SallieMae

Submit your online application and comply with the rules & regulations as set for this loan by SallieMae.

Our School code for this programme is: 00869200


Contact Leiden University: Email address


The student is responsible for submitting a complete application, according to the steps described above before the aforementioned deadline. Leiden University cannot be held responsible for late and/or incomplete applications.

Important notes: 

  1. Procedures at Leiden University.

  2. Students are always fully responsible for the repayment of their loans to SallieMae.

  3. The loan period only covers for 1 year, which means that if you are participating in a study programme which takes longer than 1 academic year, you will have to submit a loan application for the following year.

  4. The loan will be disbursed in 1 – 4 terms (depending on the length of the study programme and amount certified).

  5. SallieMae has the final decision on the approval / denial of your loan application.

  6. One of the requirements for being granted a residence permit in the Netherlands is that students must submit proof that they have sufficient financial means to finance their study period in the Netherlands. Leiden University advises a budget, not including the tuition fee, of approx. €10,000 to €15,000 per year to cover the costs for rent, insurance, living expenses, course books and local transportation. How much money students actually spend will of course depend on their life style and spending habits.

Last Modified: 19-04-2017