US Government Loans

Leiden University is not eligible for any kind of Federal Loan Programme: e.g. Federal Stafford Loans (= FFELP, Stafford and Stafford Plus Loans), 529 Savings Plan or Direct Loan Program.

Please note: Leiden University has decided not to participate in the loan programmes provided by the US Department of Education.
Due to the loss of our eligibility, Leiden University is not allowed to fill out / or sign the “In-School Deferment Loan Forms”. In this case Leiden University can provide you with a statement of enrolment.  But only after you have completed your official registration at Leiden University.

Therefore, students will have to look for other financial sources (e.g. private loans or scholarships / grants).
Information about scholarships can be found at:


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Update: June 2015

Last Modified: 25-06-2015