Living expenses

Estimated monthly living expenses.

On average, you will need  €860 – €1400 per month to cover your living expenses. Please note that this is a general guideline only, and excludes tuition fees, visa and residence permit fees, or unforeseen costs.

How much money you actually need will depend on your lifestyle and spending habits. An indication of likely expenses is given below. 

Non-recurring expenses
Tuition fees
Administration fees required by housing office/agent
If applicable: visa and residence permit fee

Monthly expenses 

Rent (incl. water and electricity)


€360 - €650

General living expenses (food, clothes, phone, personal


€300 - €400

Transport (depending on where you live and whether
you ride a bicycle)


€40 - €100

Health and liability insurance


€40 - €120

Books/study materials (depending on study programme)


€50 - €100

Social activities and events


€70 - €100






€860 - €1,400


Additional information – Housing costs

  • There is limited availability of accommodation in the €360 to €500 price range. Please be aware that you may have to pay at least €550 per month for a room in Leiden or the Hague. 

  • Students may be entitled to claim rent benefit whilst residing in a rental property in the Netherlands. For more information and to apply please visit the website of the Dutch tax authority. Applications for rent benefit are the responsibility of the student but you can request assistance from De Leidse Rechtswinkel (free legal aid centre).


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Last Modified: 06-09-2017